Hi there! Welcome to LBJ Cross Country!
We're a program dedicated to running and specifically, cross country. Cross country is a sport all about the 5k, or 3.1 miles. Our races are 5k's, our times are 5k's and we train for the 5k. Cross Country is a fall sport that runs from the beginning of school to October, and our practices are at 6 am before school.

If you like running or participate in a sport that involves lots of running, like soccer, lacrosse, basketball, or ultimate, you'll definitely love cross country. However, we're open to everybody. Whether you want to get in shape, bring down your times, or get some endurance training, cross country can help you. You can do it for a PE credit before school (It's a super easy way to get a credit, and it doesn't take up a spot on your schedule!) Or you can just participate for fun in the practices and meets. We're super flexible.

If you've done track before in middle or high school and run distance, cross country would be a great fit for you. Our runs are a bit longer, but you can certainly manage the transition. 

One of the things that's awesome about cross country is our tight-knit community and the social aspect. People always say how much they loved running with their buddies in cross country because it brings a whole new meaning to their friendship. In cross country, everybody has fun.

If you've got questions about cross country feel free to email the coaches or the captains and we'll get in touch.

Runners, catch us on the Remind! For parents, we have a Google Group for email messages. Check em out at the Communication page.

Liberal Arts and Science Academy

Head Coach - Shannon Bergeron - [email protected]
Assistant Coach - Jon Croston - [email protected]
Captains 2017:
Andrew Thomas, Audrey Davis, Cameron Kleiman, Dylan Cox, Eva Legge, Suzanna Metcalf